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Direct Service or Medical Director Physician Jobs: Which Way to Go?

The robust list of Chicago healthcare jobs for physicians features a wide array of opportunities. You can choose to provide services directly to patients or take on an administrative role; such as a medical director- the latter gets to be involved in both patient care and organizational leadership. Jobseekers who know the manner of work they want to do possess the focus required to secure the medical position of their dreams.

“If you’re uncertain about which role is best for you, learning more about the options can make the right choice evident.“

Providing Only Direct Service to Patients

It is not uncommon to find physicians who are satisfied to spend the whole life of their career working directly with patients. Each day for them is filled with performing examinations and making diagnoses - they enjoy a more hands-on experience.

There are many rewards to being this kind of physician, such as developing strong patient-doctor relationships, getting to use state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment, and seeing firsthand the positive impact your work makes in people’s lives. For some, however, a more policy-focused role is craved.

Finding limitations in direct service, these physicians want the power to make a difference on an organization-wide scale. A medical director position proves to be a better fit for them - and there might be chance that it’s the right route for you also.

Medical Director Job Duties

Many Medical Director jobs call for both providing patient care and handling executive-level responsibilities. For example, a person employed in this position may be required to work with directors and board members in establishing and improving safety metrics and tracking quality assurance. Screening applicants, developing presentations, and analyzing performance are some of the tasks administrative physicians may be asked to do as part of their work.

The benefits of working in administration include enjoying the perks of being senior level management and the power to advocate decisions that impact patient care. The job is ideal for physicians who want their passion and opinion to have heft influence throughout the organization.

Making the Right Decision for You

There are those for whom the choice between being a medical director and offering only direct care is an easy one. For others, deciding upon their ideal role is a big challenge. If you are not sure of your career aims an effective way to the answer is test the options by gaining experience in each position - this can be achieved by becoming a part of the most applicant-advocating medical staffing network chicago has to offer.

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